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Safety Guide

Baby Nest's Safety Tips

At the heart of our company is the safety of families and their tiniest members. We have compiled a list of guidelines to help keep you and your family safe.


01 Bare is best

Be sure that there are no blankets, pillows, stuffed toys or bumper pads in your baby's bed, though. Your baby could roll into any of these items, which could block their airflow.


02 Baby on back

Make sure you lay them on their back with their feet near the bottom of the nest. Babies should only be placed on their back to rest for their first year of life.Babies may fall asleep anytime, even unexpectedly. Accordingly, aside from tummy time, babies less than one year of age should always be placed on their back in the dock.


03 Be present

It's important that you stay near your baby at all times when your baby is in a baby nest. Stay nearby, in the same room, for the duration of the nap.

You never know when your baby will start to crawl and become mobile. The baby nest is not a bassinet, play yard, or crib – it does not have high sides to contain the baby.


04 Stay firm and flat

The nest should always be on a firm, flat, stable surface from which there is no possibility that the nest or baby can fall. Ideally, keep it on the floor.


05 Never carry baby in nest

While they may be very portable, never carry a nest with a baby in it. They are not designed for carrying children.

If you want to transport your baby nest, remove your child before moving the nest.


06 Keep it together

A baby nest must only be used when fully assembled and zipped up. Do not remove inside contents and use them alone. Loose parts can present a suffocation hazard.


07 Tummy time

A baby nest is an ideal spot to watch your little one spend active time on their tummies. To practice safe tummy time, you must directly supervise your baby.

Place the baby near the head of the nest with their arms over the edge. Never place your baby on his/her tummy to rest.


08 Please read carefully

Taking a few minutes to read the warning label is important. Our warning labels have important information meant to protect your child, so please take time to read, understand, and follow these warnings. They are available on our products and on our website.